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Zenbeast's Custom MLPs

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1 Zenbeast's Custom MLPs on Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:38 pm

Heylo pony friends <3 I've been a pony addict perhaps since my birth in 1985. In 2003 I stumbled upon a large box of dirty, teeth marked, much abused 80's ponies and slowly began my customizing addiction! I learned much as I went, starting with repaints and hair styling and branching into sculpting with Sculpey and apoxies. I was thrilled to reconnect with my childhood passion and trigger a whole slew of artistic inspiration! Custom MLP's have endless potential, they can become almost anything you imagine if you put the time and energy into them. I have been enthralled watching the custom community grow over the years and seeing what amazing creations people have turned out just blows my mind. In 2007 I bought a box of 200+ G3's and found that I feel less guilty reshaping these ones, and the poses have so many possibilities. My daughter was born in 2010, which meant less time for customs, but as she grows and become equally addicted to ponies and the New Friendship is Magic show, it makes me happy that I can continue my hobby and show my lovely lass that possibilities are endless with art and it's many forms. Especially Pony Form Razz

Here a few places that I post my work from the past to the present! I hope that you enjoy some of what I have created over the years and I am always open for new projects and commissions Very Happy Thanks for reading! Have and Wonderful Day Very Happy <3 <3 <3
~zenbeast ~ FernFrondFilly <3 Very Happy

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2 Re: Zenbeast's Custom MLPs on Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:34 am

Valerie - JM

Art Assistant
Art Assistant
WooW! you have amazing customs!! Congrats! cheers 

I will make my first custom in few days, to be honest is only a repaint. I will try to turn a yellow pony into white, it will be a difficult start I think, all say that work with white paint is a pain, but well, I have to try... Laughing


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