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Like snails? Please come have a look at my Facebook page :)

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Competition Assistant
Competition Assistant
Hi all Smile

As some of you know I have run The Snail Shelter now for about 20 years. I take in and rehome unwanted Giant African Land Snails and other invertebrates, such as stick insects and tarantulas. 

I had a Bravehost website but they don't seem to want to provide that for me free any more, so last year I opened a new website and a Facebook page. 

I'm trying to raise awareness again on the care of snails - all species, not just Africans - and that the Shelter is still open. I've been pretty low key for a while as I've had a heck of a lot going on in my personal life. 

The page is also where I show of my photos of snails, any interesting links, and answer any questions that are asked. I'm more than happy for people to post there own pics and snail related links too!

If you like snails, or know someone who does, please like and share the page, which can be found here -

Thank you all in advance Smile

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