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Hello everyone

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1 Hello everyone on Thu Nov 28, 2013 7:01 pm

Hey guys I'm Claire (ponypotatogirl on pony con forum) I started to collect my little pony in 2009 after going on eBay to look for a potato heads and seeing bow tie looking very sad I brought her for the bargin price of 99p. Bow tie arrived and the pony magic told me she was lonely so next to arrive was apple jack and lemon drop followed by creamcicle when I brought her from eBay I had no idea she was actually a real pony friend (I thought she was a fakie but love giraffes) .i then googled her and found the pony forum. Pony con 2009 was my focus point when our 4th baby died when she was 2 hours old Daisy's funeral was the 2nd oct so wasn't to far ahead till collection grew ver quickly in sept 2009 as every time I felt like falling apart (everyday at Robbies nap time) I went on eBay and bid or at least looked at ponies,good job I wasn't eating chocolate for comfort I'd have been my first convention I brought Edgar I love Edgar I got him from the auction for £60.april 2010 holly was born she cried she wiggled and the doctors were very happy with her but a few hours later Holly's lung collapsed and she was just too small to cope and she passed away.again eBay took a battering but my ponies made me smile even on the most grey lucky that my other half (even if he won't agree with it) likes my ponies too.he buys me a new one on each of our angels birthdays and lucky now that we have Sam (the pain doesn't go but it helps) Robbie James and joe.Robbie is my super cute monster who loves ponies and all princesses.james is my teenager I could easterly strangle a lot of the time joe is the computer fan and Sam is my cheeky monkey .my pony collection now has around 300 in mainly g1s and g3 Cheerilees and roola toola .im a stay at home mum and live in birmingham I also have had my Christmas tree up for 3 weeks already and will be seeing our 4th Father Christmas f the year on Sunday we do a tour of Santa's xx

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2 Re: Hello everyone on Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:37 am


The Boss
The Boss
Hi Claire

Welcome to the forum.

Aww man your story is so heart touching as you know we lost my baby sister when I was 3years old and is the whole reason I collect ponies *hugs I think ponies is a great way to help and its a great thing that your hubby buys you ponies on your angels Bdays and anniversaries like you I hit ebay on dates that mean something to me. Its great to hear that Bowtie was your first pony and helped you through all your pain *massive pony hugs x

Wow Creamcicle is lovely I still need a pony friend like you I never knew they where anything to do with MLP until I became a member of other online pony forums and was like very excited about finding out more info on them lol x

I love Applejack so much I remember wanting her as a kid and never got her she was one of the first ponies I got from ebay along with Fizzy xx

Hope you all have a great time seeing Santa I love you 

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3 Re: Hello everyone on Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:23 pm

Valerie - JM

Art Assistant
Art Assistant
Welcome to the forum Ponygirl84!  I love you 

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