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Valerie´s Wishlist :)

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1 Valerie´s Wishlist :) on Sun May 19, 2013 12:18 pm

Valerie - JM

Art Assistant
Art Assistant
Well, here are my pony dreams Smile

I would like to have many ponies, but since an argentinian seller have some of them, I will post only the ones that she hasn´t and aren´t in Mercadolibre, the argentinian virtual shop Smile (I haven´t paypal account or international card, so I only buy in the argentinian site Rolling Eyes )

❤️ Set "Newborn Cuties: Strolling Along With Sweetie Belle" (G3.5)

It is my absolute dream, but is impossible to find in Argentina Crying or Very sad Even I would love to have the baby without the accesories...

And also I love all the others Newborn Cuties I love you

❤️ January Carnation (G3)

❤️ August Gladiolus (G3)

❤️ Precius Gem (G3)

❤️ Misty Blue (G3)

❤️ Silly Sunshine (G3)

❤️ Golden Delicius (G3)

❤️ Portobella (G3)

❤️ Sunny Sparkle (G3)

❤️ Shining Armor (G4)

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